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Important Information Issue No 61| Summer Quarter | July/August 2010


Featured Story

You Can Go Anywhere From Here

Dr. Mark Emmert

University of Washington President Dr. Mark Emmert receives honorary degree from Green River. See Commencement slideshow.

I had no idea when I left Green River that I would one day wind up in Syracuse, New York completing a PhD in public administration. Or that I would become a university president…But I’m living proof that you truly can go anywhere from here, University of Washington President and GRCC Alumnus of Distinction Dr. Mark Emmert, Green River Community College’s Commencement Speech, June 2010.

Dr. Mark Emmert attended Green River then transferred to University of Washington to get his Bachelor’s Degree. He went on to get a Masters and PhD in public administration from Syracuse University in New York. Dr. Emmert is currently the president of the University of Washington and will take the position as the president of NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) later this year.

Green River honored Dr. Emmert by presenting him with Green River’s first ever Alumnus of Distinction Award and an honorary degree.  As well, Green River dedicated a new scholarship to be named the “Mark and Delaine Emmert University of Washington Transfer Scholarship.”

Dr. Emmert’s story of success and distinction exemplifies Green River's belief that “You Can Go Anywhere from Here”. 

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