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Important Information Issue No 70 | Spring Quarter | April/May 2011


Faculty Profile

Mark Blaisdell - Economics

Mark Blaisdell - Economics Instructor

Mark Blaisdell - Economics Instructor

Mark Blaisdell has been teaching Economics at Green River Community College for the past 15 years.

He received an AA degree from GRCC, BA from the University of Washington, and an MBA from Pacific Lutheran University. Mark is the Lead Economics Instructor and Division Chairperson.

Mark Blaisdell is a favorite faculty member among many students. 

According to Edwin Sanjaya GRCC's March/April Student of the Month, "Mark Blaisdell is a very special instructor. Mark really wants to know about how things work in the students home country, and what's going on in their life. He builds a very strong relationship to his students. He often goes to the library in the afternoon to talk to his students, wants to know what the students do, etc. I am also working as an Economics tutor for him since summer quarter 2010. He often comes to the tutoring center in the library when I work to see how the tutoring is going."

He is also actively involved in helping pave the way for students to transfer into top four-year business schools. Back in 2007 he accompanied IP staff to Indiana University Bloomington to learn more about the transfer process there. Read Green River Staff Go the Extra Mile for their Students.

Last summer he taught Economics in Indonesia at the EF school. While there he took time to touch base with his former GRCC students.  Many of Mark's former students have transferred into top business schools including: London School of Economics, University of Illinois, Bloomington; University of Washington, University of Texas, and more.

One of our Outstanding Alumni, Christina Wong recalls, "I attended Mark Blaisdellís ECON101 class back in the year 2000. His classes were fun and interesting. I remember we came across an example explaining an economics theory in the textbook and parsnip was the subject. No one in the class knew what parsnip was and what it looked like. He decided to ask the class to bring him one parsnip and a one page writing assignment on that particular theory for extra credit. This was one unique way to learn and earn extra credits. Who would have thought that an economics class will lead to a trip to a supermarket? So, whenever I see parsnips in the supermarket, it reminds me of Markís class."

GRCC has recognized Mark's diligence by presenting him the 2009 Distinguished Faculty Award. This award recognizes faculty  members who by their teaching and professional, campus and/or community involvement have demonstrated distinguished service to education.

When asked what Mark loves most about teaching at GRCC, he said, "I do have to say that GRCC really is a place that Iíve enjoyed for most of my life. First as a student here, and now as a faculty member/chair/mentor. I most enjoy helping students identify and achieve their goals. This is true whether they be international or domestic students. But what impresses me most about international students is the distance many of them have to go, and the extra efforts they have to make along the way, as they pursue their dreams."

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