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We are committed to a clear and transperant timeline to reach our goals

Our Journey... what has happened so far?

Jan 4 2013

Proposal submitted to AtD

Proposal Team: Eileen Ely, Derek Brandes, Deb Casey, Christopher Johnson, Matthew Swenson, Carmen Schmitz, Rick Brumfield, Vickie Sheehan, Cynthia Requa

Jan 6 2013 Proposal due
Jan 22 2013 Achieving the Dream notifies applicants of standing
Feb 5-8 2013

DREAM 2013

Exploratory Team: Derek Brandes, Deb Casey, David Larsen, Cynthia Requa

Apr 2013

Green River selected to join leading national reform network for student success - Achieving the Dream

Start of Year One ~ Discovery, Gap Analysis and Reflection:

The first year of AtD is spent in a discovery mode. We will be looking at data in search of areas, in Student Affairs, Instruction or a combination, where-in we could improve the students' experience and success. This is the formative work that leads to the draft implementation plan that will be submitted for review in March of 2014.

$75,000 Participation fee submitted

Readiness Assessment submitted

Jun 2013

Kickoff Institute

Kickoff Team: Eileen Ely, Derek Brandes, Deb Casey, Catherine Cantrell, David Nelson, David Larsen, Cynthia Requa

Oct 9-11 2013 Coaches Visit
Oct 30 2013 Planning Year Work Plan submitted: This document will help the college anticipate resources needed in the coming year and achieve clarity on who will take responsibility for the various tasks necessary to produce a multi-year implementation plan.
Nov 15 2013 2009-10, 2010-11, 2011-12 cohort data submitted
Feb 2014

DREAM 2014

Conference Team: Eileen Ely, Derek Brandes, Catherine Cantrell, Christine McMullin, Dani Chang, Cynthia Requa

Mar 15 2014

Start of Year Two ~ Strategy Implementation:

During year two:

  • May - implementation proposals are finalized
  • Summer - preparation occurs
  • Fall - strategy implementation occurs
$75,000 Participation fee due
Mar 2014 DRAFT Implementation Proposal narrative due
Apr 2014 Colleges receive feedback on draft Implementation Proposals
May 2014 FINAL Implementation Proposal narrative and contact sheet due
Sept 2014 DREAM 2014 workshop proposals due (optional)
Nov 2014 2012-2013 cohort data due
Feb 2015 DREAM 2015
Mar 2015

Start of Year Three ~ Strategy Implementation:

During year three:

  • Review of year two data
  • Continuation of strategy delivery with modifications if needed and possible scaling

$75,000 Participation fee due

Apr 2015 Annual Report due
Sept 2015 DREAM 2016 workshop proposals due (optional)
Nov 2015 2013-2014 cohort data due
Feb 2016 DREAM 2016
Apr 2016 Annual Report due
Nov 2016 2014-2015 cohort data due