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Green River art students in the spotlight

Casey MillerThe CommuniGator is partnering to produce a monthly Artist Spotlight series with Sarah Dillon Gilmartin who recently joined Green River as a faculty member in the Fine Arts Division.  Sarah will be working with the Arts Division in order to submit a new artist each month. 

This month we would like to introduce to you to Casey Miller. Casey is a student in Sarah Dillon Gilmanton's Art 109 Beginning Design class.   Casey's work and her statement clearly reflect her talent and her passion for her work.

Intro to Design

Casey Miller artworkIn this design I combined elements from several living organisms, which together resulted in the abstraction of this piece. Light was the most important element, and is represented by the pure white in the frame, symbolizing the goodness and truth that Plato discusses in the Allegory of the Cave. Light comes from the flames as well, but are only a copy of the true form of light. The mood of the piece, represented by the black background, is bleak due to the eternal nature of the depth of the absence of color. There is a juxtaposition of the darkness and the light, like the pure jellyfish living in such a shadowy environment. I really wanted the audience to think, to have a whiff of a deeper meaning that they can discern for themselves. To get to this final product I had to go through the process, starting with thumbnail sketches of different organic forms. I used those as inspiration, as well as understanding the abstraction of nature from Dale Chihuly, to make a more refined sketch. From there I moved to the computer, tweaking aspects of the original drawing to better suit the picture generated by Adobe illustrator. Then all of the bits and pieces came together in one unified whole to create the final product that I was satisfied with.

This class is part of my plan to get my Associates Degree in Art. I've taken art classes since I was in second grade for fun, but recently discovered that I have a knack for it in an advance placement art class that I took in high school. I want to pursue this to hopefully end up designing cars. If not I want to continue to do what I love and express myself through my art.