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And the ASGRCC presidential election winner is...

Ty Somerville
Newly elected ASGRCC president Ty Somerville.

The ASGRCC Student Government hosted a special election this past Monday  and Tuesday to elect the new ASGRCC President. 

Four candidates, David Chae, Joe Dombrowski, Tika Diagnestya and Ty Somerville were the candidates who put their names in the hat in hopes of being elected. 

More than 700 students voted in the two-day election and in the end, Somerville was elected to be the new 2012-2013 ASGRCC President.  He will take office immediately and will go through training to jump in to his new role. 

Ty is a full time student at Green River pursuing his AA degree with plans to transfer to Evergreen State College to complete his bachelors' degree in Public Administration. Future goals include obtaining a PhD in Public Administration and the development of a youth resort that will serve as a rehabilitation center for at-risk youth.

If you see Somerville, as well as the other candidates, please congratulate them on their campaign and their willingness to make Green River a great school for the Student Body.