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Green River’s conversation and cultural exchange program returns

Campus Talk returned to Green River on Tuesday, October 2nd

Campus Talk is Green River's recurring drop-in program for conversation and cultural exchange.  At Campus Talk, international students have the opportunity to practice their English conversation skills in an informal and relaxed environment.  At the same time, domestic students benefit from this cross-cultural engagement, as they learn about life across the world and begin building their own global community.  Students enjoy chatting with one another over free beverages, while local volunteers Amy, Joy, and Marcia facilitate the conversation. 

Beginning on October 2nd, Campus Talk will occur every Tuesday and Thursday from 11:30am-2:00pm in the St. Helens Room of the Lindbloom Center

All Green River students -both domestic and international- are welcome to join in the conversation!  Campus Talk is an excellent opportunity to learn about culture, prepare for professional work in our diverse world, and -most importantly- build relationships on campus.   There is no time commitment (students can come and go as they please during the Campus Talk session), and it is always a fun and easygoing event.  The more students who attend, the more beneficial the program will be for all involved. 

We want Campus Talk to build bridges between the international and domestic student populations here at Green River. The more the merrier!