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Beware of scam using Green River checks on Craigslist

Last week, the switchboard started getting numerous calls from persons who had Green River "checks" that they had received but could not cash. They told a very familiar story: they had received the checks through a buyer who purchased their item for sale on Craigslist.

The calls are coming in from check cashing locations all over the country wanting to verify the phony checks.  Some people actually believe the college was purchasing their item for sale and that we sent them a "bad check."  The college is not at risk of financial loss since the account number they used isn't even a checking account.  However, we are not happy about having our name used to scam innocent people.

Green River does not do business on Craigslist. The college has strict purchasing guidelines that we are required to follow. This incident is another reminder to be very careful when buying or selling on Craigslist. If someone wants to purchase your item and pay with a check for more then you are asking, chances are it is a scam.

To help field the calls and monitor the situation, we have set up a voicemail box at extension #2257. People who call the voicemail box are directed to mail any fraudulent checks to our Business Office. Although we cannot do anything for the people caught up in this scam, we are collecting evidence for any possible future legal action. If you receive a phone call, please forward them to extension #2257.