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S.M.O.K.E Tips for passively enforcing Green River’s Tobacco Free Campus policy

S.M.O.K.E. courtesy of PCC

Passive enforcement depends on the campus community engaging with those not following the Tobacco free policy in a non-confrontational manner, informing them of the policy and asking them to comply.

Below is a mnemonic device to help encourage and guide our staff and community in assisting in passive enforcement efforts, borrowed from Portland Community College's successful implementation of a similar policy. You can also view an instructive video produced by PCC in order to get a sense of the system in action.

S - Smile and be friendly when approaching someone on campus using tobacco.

M - Make the assumption that the person is not aware of the policy and politely inform them.

O- Offer resources for quitting, or refer them to student health services for more information.

K - Kindly remind or inform them of the tobacco policy.

E- Enforce - ask them to please put out their cigarette or stop using the tobacco product that called them to your attention.

You can review detailed policy and implementation information on Green River's website.