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Survey results on new smoking policy

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Results of a recent survey conducted by Byron Ford on behalf of the president's cabinet regarding Green River's tobacco-free policy going into effect Jan. 1 indicate that the elimination of tobacco use on campus is an idea whose time has come, although concerns about enforcement policies remain.

One hundred percent of 137 respondents indicated that they come within five to 10 feet of a smoker at least two to four times per week, while only 10 percent of all respondents reported being smokers. Furthermore, all respondents were aware of the policy and the implementation schedule, indicating that education efforts among staff have been highly successful.

Green River's use of passive enforcement in the first year of implementation is a best practice based on the experiments of similar institutions eliminating the use of tobacco from their environments. Passive enforcement is a strategy that relies on staff and community members to ask tobacco users to refrain and follow the policy, yet Ford's survey indicates that only 30 percent of all respondents reported that they would feel comfortable assisting in passive enforcement methods. In order to address those concerns Green River's Tobacco ban policy workgroup will be providing resources and updates throughout the initial enforcement period.

Green River's tobacco ban policy workgroup reviewed the results yesterday and plan to provide talking points and CommuniGator articles in January, which will highlight successful efforts at providing real examples of successful enforcement efforts and tools to assist staff in carrying out this mission.

Learn more about our new policy on our web page.