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Office of Diversity Equity and Inclusion introduces students to the Arab Culture

Arab fest
The students finish their day of cultural exploration. Photo by Zack Apiratitham.

The Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion recently  coordinated a trip to the Seattle Center, to introduce 20 Green River students to diverse Arab cultures and better understand the culture of their neighbors, friends and community members at the Arab Festival on Oct. 12-13.

"Connections and awareness between different types of people occur through events like this," observed Huda Almusawi, a Green River student.

Upon entering the Seattle Center, the students were immediately struck by the richness of Arab culture through a mock wedding party. They joined more than 1,000 community members to enjoy traditional dances from Egypt, Morocco, Syria and other countries.  Additionally, the guests enjoyed live Arabic music, rapping, calligraphy, and even a fashion show. Vendors of Arabic cultural jewelry, sweets, clothes and other wares were scattered throughout the festival floor.

Arab fest
A plate of traditional Arabic food. Photo by Zack Apiratitham. 

The Green River students learned that a true understanding of Arabic culture is not complete without discussing and tasting the amazing food. Two vendors selling authentic Arabic dishes such as rice, hummus and falafel gave our students their first - and certainly not their last - encounter with Arabic food.

The trip to the Arab Festival helped students from all backgrounds understand the Arab culture through immersion and interaction. It provided a chance for students to step out of their comfort zone and educate themselves about members of their community.

"A wide array of students were reached and taught about the Arab culture," noted student Justin Malepe. "Hopefully they will share their understanding with their friends and family."

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