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Steve Kinholt and Dyane Haynes present at statewide Connect2Complete summit

Kinholt presents at the Washington C2C Summit.

Project Director of Connect2Complete Dyane Haynes and Green River mathematics instructor Steve Kinholt presented to 21 colleges from across the state at the Connect2Complete Summit early November.

The summit was hosted by Washington Campus Compact. Faculty, staff, administrators, and students experienced with C2C shared their programs with campuses interested in adopting the model.

Vice President of Student Affairs and Interim Vice President of Human Resources Deb Casey opened the summit with a presentation exploring Why is supporting at-risk students important?

Kinholt and Haynes then presented about their C2C experience at Green River. Kinholt shared his personal story of his C2C experience and pointed out that mathematics is a subject that is probably least associated with service-learning and getting him to participate in the C2C program was not an easy sell. While he was interested in service-learning, he did not see an easy connection with math but C2C provided him the opportunity to use it in all four of his developmental math classes.

In these classes, students participate in two service-learning projects. One of these projects connects their class work to serving at a local food bank. C2C Peer Advocates arrange the logistics for the partnership with the food bank and Kinholt creates assignments related to the project. Students have several options to link the service learning activity to math, including conducting a survey, making visual charts, using a spreadsheet to record their results or writing an article.

Another service-learning program students participate in as part of Kinholt's class is "pay it forward" tutoring, where students in one level of math assist students one or more levels below them. This kind of tutoring allows both the tutor and tutee to learn at a deeper level. Both projects require the student to reflect throughout the program about the impact on them, those they help, and broader impact on society.

Kinholt affirmed his belief that C2C has made it easier for him to connect with students, and the service-learning provides practical, real-life applications for math content. Haynes and Kinholt explained that as C2C becomes an established practice at Green River College, Kinholt has been able to "box up" the project and use it to convince even more of his colleagues to take on service-learning projects in their courses.

Connect2Complete is a grant-funded program through Campus Compact with funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The C2C program recognizes the valuable resource of our students and utilizes them to provide support to other students in their goals of achieving academic success and program completion.