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Green River welding students chosen to test cutting-edge technology

Carsten Moyer
Carsten Moyer tests Lincoln Electric's prototype electrode

The world's largest welding consumable manufacturer, Lincoln Electric, brought two prototypes of their game-changing Excalibur welding electrodes to Green River for welding students to test.

By participating in the trial, Green River students got the rare chance to network with two representatives from the world's leader in welding supply along with the opportunity to try out cutting-edge technology before it hits the market.

Welding Program Coordinator Scott Schreiber works extra hard to ensure that his students gain valuable experience beyond typical classwork.

"Every opportunity we have to expose students to various industry standards and changing technology adds an element of exposure and training to their education," said Schreiber.

Lincoln Electric deliberately tests its prototypes at community college and technical programs because students provide a "blind taste test."

According to Lincoln Electric Product Manager Joe Murlin, "We use college students because we get good feedback on what they see without the bias of years in the industry."

Excalibur arc
Tim Honn, technical sales representative for Lincoln Electric, captures the arc formed from the Excalibur electrode through the welding helmet lens shade.

"Additional prototypes may follow, but eventually a new product will hit the market based on these tests," added his colleague, Tim Honn, a technical sales representative for Lincoln Electric.

Carsten Moyer, a Green River welding student, tested the product. "I can really tell the difference between this and what we normally use," he said of the prototype electrode. "It's really good to be in a program that allows you to do this type of stuff," Moyer added before putting his welding helmet back on and returning to work.

Green River College was one of only three colleges in the entire state of Washington chosen to test the prototype.

 "When we have a new product to test, we know where to take it," Murlin grinned, nodding toward the Green River welding shop.