About Us

Student artist of the month: Jenny Newman

"Self Portrait" - Crayola markers, watercolor, 28"x22"

I am inspired by the world around me. I'm inspired by people and what they wear, where they go, how they live, and the animals and the plants that creep out of the sidewalk cracks. Living life inspires me. I try to take everything in, be it a particularly beautiful sunset or a street cluttered with telephone poles.

Honestly, I am still discovering who I am as an artist. I try to capture childhood imagination and whimsy in my work, taking things a little beyond what I usually see. Sometimes things don't work out, so I take what I can from those ideas and move on. Art is about discovering myself and sharing my world with others.

My work has always included my characters; they're one of the biggest reasons I've kept drawing. I enjoy sitting down, doodling, and watching how that doodle slowly begins to breathe. Before I know it, I've given my doodle a name, a history, a favorite food, and I know the name of their first pet.

As a primarily self-taught artist, I feel it is important for me to get an education in art. Moreover, I think I need to be around more artists to grow. Green River has been an amazing opportunity to take art classes and discover more about myself. I have met so many great teachers and students, all of whom have been so encouraging. Seeing others' work and being around such amazing artists has been the biggest inspiration and encouragement for me.


I plan on attending an art school and majoring in illustration. My dream is to illustrate children's books and juvenile fiction while creating my own comics on the side.

"Character Study: Spook" - Digital painting, 7"x5"