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Free GED® testing available for low-income students

Free GED® Testing
Women's Programs Women’s Programs now offers free GED® testing for qualified students.

Women's Programs just started a pilot program aimed at helping low-income students who are unable to pay for the GED® testing. The pilot will run during winter and spring quarter.

There are several reasons that Marsha Medgard, Women's Programs manager, started this program: Recently, the cost of the GED® test has more than doubled, rising from $75 to $150. Financial aid can no longer waive the fee for certain students. And, in January 2014, the entire test will go online - which means that any student who has completed part of the test will lose their investment and will be forced to pay for and take the entire test again.

Currently, the program focuses on students that fill certain criteria. In order to take the GED® test for free, the student must be:

   - Currently attending GED® preparation classes and is now ready to take the test.

   - Planning on continuing their education at Green River.

   - Unable to afford the testing cost.

   - At least 25 years old.

   - Have completed a FAFSA and put Green River in as their college.

Medgard describes student retention as a primary long-term goal of the program. "We want to keep the students that we already have coming here for preparatory classes" said Medgard, "and further their education."

The program also offers bus tickets to the test, if needed. For more information, call Marsha Medgard (x2542).