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Green River welcomes new official mascot logo

Gator Logo
The new Green River gator logo

With the 2013-14 school year, Green River has rolled out a new official mascot logo. Signs lining major campus walkways celebrate "We are Green River Gators." The new mascot was created to convey the spirit of the school and engage students, staff and the community.

The logo will primarily serve the athletics program. "I am very pleased to bring to a close five years of conversations giving Green River a logo that represents the college with some spirit and energy," said Director of Athletics Bob Kickner. "The new Gator logo screams of a strong, purpose-filled, collegiate student experience."

Years in the making, the new logo includes input from students, faculty, staff and community members. Through an electronic survey sent out in August, the Green River community narrowed down the final details for the logo by choosing the style of teeth for the new gator. The survey was also posted on the college's Facebook and Twitter pages.

Gator logo
The new gator logo can be seen around campus

The highest number of survey respondents were the students at 68.3 percent. Next highest was Green River employees at 29.6 percent. The overall vote of 51.6 percent chose the existing logo. 11.5 percent of participants voted for neither logo.

Green River employees and staff can read the full survey results on the Gatornet. The logo design was positively received on the college's Facebook page with 67 likes.

The new gator logo will certainly have a presence on campus this school year and beyond. Apparel can be purchased at the Paper Tree bookstore, both in-store and online for custom merchandise orders.