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2013 Giving from the Heart Campaign begins

Giving from the Heart helps us transform the holiday season for our fellow students and their children.

It's almost November and that means December is right around the corner. Celebrate the joy and generosity of the season by participating in the 2013 Giving from the Heart Campaign.

Giving from the Heart matches sponsors from the Green River community with Green River student families who are in need of gifts or food for their children. The generosity of the sponsors provides a Christmas celebration for the family that would otherwise not exist.

This Christmas season, instead of enjoying the presence of your friends and families at a holiday dinner or office party, make a difference in the lives of families here on campus that would greatly appreciate your contribution to warm the hearts of their children on Christmas.

It would be equally rewarding spending this season with one another planning a shopping list, shopping for your sponsored family's gifts, and wrapping these presents. You have the potential to make an impact in these young people's lives this Christmas season, and they will not forget it.

To those of you who have been around, Giving from the Heart is something you know or have heard about. But to the new people out there, be prepared to experience the love and generosity Green River has to offer.

To participate, gather a group and email Justus Phelps, Hira Shin or contact the Student Life front desk at ext. 2400. Please provide your preferred family size (for example, two children or four children) for appropriate matching.