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Student artist of the month: Ouida Bryson

An aunt struggling with Alzheimer’s disease holds a mug.

My inspiration comes from my view of the world because I believe that I have always made photographs with my eyes. These photographs that are presented here are part of a body of work that I completed in the fall quarter of 2012, during an independent study in digital photography. I am most proud of these particular pieces because I was previously intimidated by environmental portrait photography. During the process of making these portraits, I was able to build on my skills as I attempted to capture the essence of each subject.

As a photographer, I am very interested in the human condition and I wanted to show in my portraits the quiet strength and pulchritude of individuals that sometimes may be missed or go unnoticed.

In these two portraits, there is also a graceful elegance in each composition, creating a cohesiveness even though each portrait has an individual story. As an observer of these histories, I feel the weary beauty salon employee and the aunt suffering from Alzheimer's; all have exquisiteness and nobility that I was able to depict, hoping to give the viewer my interpretation as well as inviting them to extract their own explanation.

Auburn Stylist
A weary beauty salon employee rests on the curb.

I began attending Green River in the fall of 2010 with plans to pursue a degree in the Criminal Justice field hoping to become a forensic photographer. After taking my first photography class, I immediately realized that I wanted to become a photographer (as an art form), quite intrigued that I could possibly work in the art world. I have attained an Associate in Arts here at Green River and I will finish an Associate in Fine Arts in spring, 2013.

My ultimate goal is to pursue a Masters in Fine Arts at Seattle University and to begin working in either art therapy or work as an educator at the college/university level. I look forward to working in a field where I can passionately continue to create work and educate others in this field.

Throughout all of my courses here at Green River, without the continuous encouragement and support that I have received from the faculty in the art program, I do not think that I would have realized my potential and discovered the multiple opportunities that have been afforded me since deciding on a fine arts degree.