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Student artist of the month: Megan Linders

Megan Linders discovered a passion for ceramics at Green River.

All of my artwork in the past seemed a little stifled; there was always this underlying goal of making every piece as real as the object in front of me. However, as life went on, I met new people, discovered different media and watched the processes of other great artists. Eventually, I found myself beginning to evolve.

Presently, I give sole credit of my artwork to the instructors and students at Green River. I have always had doubts about my creativity, struggling to grasp what my art is really worth, but thanks to my experiences at Green River and my new love of ceramics, I find myself feeling much more driven than before.

Now, instead of caring so much about every little detail, my art has grown to be more about the message it sends to others.

As I continue my education, I plan to pursue a double major in Fine Arts and Education. Though the road may be long, my hope is to become an art teacher so that I can pass along my love of the field to others. I hope to inspire students as my teachers have inspired me.