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Student artist of the month: Megan Matsumoto

I love you still
A 16" by 20" oil painting entitled "I love you still"

My biggest inspiration for pursuing an art career was my grandfather. As an amazing man of Japanese ethnicity who fought for America during World War II and earned a Purple Heart, he had a wonderful and beautiful life story that deserves to be shared with others. It became my goal in life to honor him by writing and illustrating a book, which would tell his remarkable story.

With this goal in mind, in spring 2012 I started taking art classes at Green River so that I could learn from professionals and someday have the skills to illustrate the book I desired to make.

At first, I only planned on taking a few painting and drawing classes. However, after my first quarter I realized that God had blessed me with both a talent and a deep love for art,

The artist poses with her grandparents.

and so I decided to continue taking more art classes in other media.

Over the past four quarters I have done things I never thought I would, like painting a realistic portrait on a five-inch canvas, building a seven-foot-tall bear out of chicken wire and moss, and drawing a larger-than-life portrait of myself. Thanks to the support of my loving parents and my amazing instructors, I have excelled in all of my classes, and have loved every one of them.

Whether I am drawing a realistic figure from life or an abstract design from my imagination, creating art has become my passion and I want to do it every day for the rest of my life.

The happiest place
Watercolor painting entitled "The Happiest Place" measuring 18" by 24"

Although my grandfather passed away last August and won't be able to see me graduate, I know he was proud of me and I am so grateful to him for being the inspiration that started me on this artistic journey.

I will be graduating this June with a certificate in Design and a certificate in Studio Art. I hope to continue taking general education classes at Green River and then transfer to an art college to major in either illustration or animation.

My dream is to work for the Disney Company as an animator or imagineer, though I will follow my Heavenly Father wherever He may lead me. No matter what I end up doing in life, it is still my biggest goal to someday write and illustrate a book for my grandfather, to honor his life and thank him for inspiring me to become who I am: an artist.

Oil painting entitled "P.K." measuring 5" by 5".