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Mork and Mindy dutifully help keep Green River litter-free

Mork and Mindy
Mork and Mindy pose for their portrait

Green River has two new pets! Meet Mork and Mindy. Aren't they cute?

You may see Mork and Mindy prowling along campus, happily picking up litter and trash. Sometimes, they might even cruise along 320th street, picking up cigarette butts from students respecting the tobacco-free campus policy. Mork and Mindy prefer to see clean streets and healthy lungs, so keep up the hard work and please continue enforcing our tobacco-free campus policy!

Mork and Mindy are devoted to keeping Green River beautiful. They don't ask much except for a battery charge once in a while. They'd be delighted if you helped them out by keeping the smoking off-campus and throwing your trash in the bins.