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Green River wins prestigious NAFSA award

Green River wins NAFSA award
Green River Community College was the only standalone community college to win this year's NAFSA award.

Late February, Green River College received word that it was chosen as one of the five recipients of the Senator Paul Simon Award for Comprehensive Internationalization. Green River was the only stand-alone community college receiving the award.

Through a rigorous application process, Green River proved that its international program is comprehensive - that is, incorporated across all aspects of the college, from the classroom to student life.

"The entire college has received this award," said Barry Bannister, director of International Development. "This is just further evidence that Green River is without a doubt one of the leading international programs in America." Bannister spearheaded the application process for the award.

Green River joins the ranks of schools like Northwestern University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, both of whom were named winners for the Paul Simon Spotlight award, a smaller companion award to the Comprehensive Internationalization award.

NAFSA will be sending a team of photographers and writers to photograph the campus and interview faculty and staff for its annual glossy report, Internationalizing the Campus: Profiles of Success at Colleges and Universities. The report will be published this fall.

President Eileen Ely and one other Green River representative will fly to Washington, D.C. this November to accept this award in person.