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Shakeout Earthquake Drill helpful practice, survey results show

The campus-wide survey results from the Shakeout exercise are available.

Results taken from a survey after last October's Shakeout earthquake drill indicate that nearly 40 percent of Green River employees and students feel that the exercise helped them realize that they are prepared for an earthquake and its aftereffects.

Thirty-six percent of respondents indicated that they learned they should spend more time planning for an earthquake and its aftereffects.

In general, almost 31.7 percent of survey participants rated the exercise very good; 11.2 percent rated it excellent; 29.2 rated it good; 18.6 rated it fair; and 9.3 percent of respondents gave the exercise a poor rating.

The drill also exposed some weak points in the college's emergency messaging. In the comments section, students and employees remarked that the drill notification is inaudible in certain areas of campus, such as some LSC rooms, the Holman Library, and Science Center hallways. Some staff members reported not being able to hear the phone announcements.

The drill encouraged participants to think about their actions during and after an emergency such as an earthquake. People were encouraged to review and update their own emergency preparedness plans, check supplies and secure work and living spaces to lessen the chances of damage and injuries. Resources and direction can be found on The Great Washington ShakeOut website.

Some notable survey comments include:

Taking a moment to think about my surroundings was helpful.

Will formalize more emergency preparedness/resiliency activities/plans for the entire division.

The drill covered getting under something during an earthquake, but it didn't cover what to do after the earthquake.

What is my building's plan of action?

I was dismayed that many staff totally ignored the drill while I got under my desk in a staff area!

The drill involved getting under tables for a minute. Follow up drills should focus on how to manage when you are surrounded by broken glass and rubble, jammed phone lines and injuries.

Not everyone takes safety precautions and ridicules the ones who do.

Read the full survey to read the full response.