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AS hosts Spirit Day lunchtime activities

Spirit Day Jump
Green River students pose in front of the mural they created.

You may have guessed by the flashes of green and gold on campus that Thursday, March 7, was Spirit Day.

The Green River Student Government hosted a lineup of hilarious games and activities in the Lindbloom Center main dining area.

Students originally intending to sit down and eat a standard lunch instead found themselves participating in games like "invisible wall," where they had to race their competitor to find five gummy bears buried deep within a mess of cool whip - using only their mouths. "If there's a tie, the messiest person wins," the game host explained.

Across the cafeteria, students clustered to witness the entertaining and somewhat vomitus "one big breath" competition, where the moderator poured a beaten egg down a tube and handed one side of the tube to each competitor. The objective of the game? To blow the beaten egg down the tube into the competition's face. The person with the strongest lungs won, and the loser ended up covered in a slimy mess.

Green-and-gold-themed attire ranged from the ordinary (colored pants and shirts) to the extraordinary (green spandex suits that cover the wearer from head to toe). The Green River gator mascot showed up and judged the TP runway game, where students enthusiastically created gowns from toilet paper.

"We are hosting this event because we want the student body to be proud of Green River," said Yu Sato, ASGRCC Vice President, "we also want to show them that the Student Government is there for them... and we want to have fun, of course!"