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Goldy Ho, a Green River success story

Goldy Ho graduated Running Start then started college at American University in Washington, D.C.

This past December, Goldy Ho graduated summa cum laude from a top four-year university. At the time of her graduation, she was choosing between offers from three of the nation's top accounting firms. Her resume boasted many prestigious internships and she had an impressive 3.91 grade point average.

Ho also had an associate of arts degree from Green River, which she earned through the Running Start program.

When she was a sophomore in high school, Ho resolved to join the Running Start program at Green River. "I was thinking strategically about my education after high school," Ho said of her decision, "because I would be getting college credits along with saving money."

Lynn Nguyen, Ho's mother and a Green River employee, immediately moved to make her daughter's request happen. "As parents, we need to encourage our children," Nguyen said, "not just tell them 'No.'"

Two years later, Ho graduated Green River with her Associate's degree, and the following week she graduated high school.

The next fall, Ho flew across the country and started school at American University, a top-ranking four-year college located in Washington, D.C.

Thanks largely to the support of her teachers at Green River, Ho majored in accounting and exceled at the subject. She now works as a consultant for premier accounting firm Deloitte & Touche.

Ho's success is not a coincidence: "[Running Start] has given me a competitive advantage over my peers," Ho explained, "Employers are always amazed that I graduated from a four-year university within two years at the age of 20."

Running Start acts as a launch pad for ambitious self-starters like Ho, who learn the skills for success here at Green River and apply those skills expertly in their trajectory to new heights.