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Student artist of the month: Charlee Sierra Ellingson

Charlee Sierra Ellingson
Charlee Sierra Ellingson

I am a student studying Fine Arts, and I plan to continue my education to become an art teacher. I want to inspire others, and motivate students to continue refining their artistic skills.

My interest in art chose me naturally. It started at a very young age; I can't remember a time when I wasn't interested in art. I always felt a little different, and art helped me accept that. I'm sure other students feel the same way, so hopefully when I become a teacher I can help students find their path.  

I have an extensive background in art. I've contributed to many group exhibitions, art competitions, art sales at conventions, art scholarships and my own solo art exhibition in Seattle.  

I will continue to gain more experience when I move on to a four-year university. I've been accepted to Western Washington's Art Program, and I am still waiting on my general acceptance. Hopefully from there I'll be able to continue to live my dream.  

I have a lot to learn, and I'll take on every challenge with pride. 


The Frog
"The Frog" by Charlee Sierra Ellingson
Portrait Study
Leg Study