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Twelve Faculty Excellence projects funded for 2014

One Faculty Excellence project is an outdoor classroom, the site of which has already been marked.

The Faculty Excellence Committee is pleased to announce that 12 projects have been funded for 2014 through the competitive application process. The funding provides support for projects in the following programs: Science, Math, Art, Health Occupations, Business Ed, Natural Resources, Library, Humanities, and Basic Education.

Some examples of projects include the building of a new outdoor classroom in the Green River Forest, a Human Library project, and a new captioning center through computer reporting technologies.

Congratulations and good luck to the following for their work on 2014 projects:

  • Kanchan Bodas, Intro to Botany
  • Ken Hang, Marjorie Castillo-Farquhar & Sam Le, Working with the New Learner
  • Sarah Dillon-Gilmartin, Graphic Arts Calendar
  • Lisa Finnson, OTA Course
  • Jaeney Hoene and Jody Segal, Human Library Projects
  • Kathryn Hoppe, Discoveries in Geo-Science
  • Kris Kissel, Math Entrance Exam Analysis
  • Wendy Lundquist, Chemistry Lecture Videos
  • Monica Paulson-Priebe and Rob Sjogren, Outdoor Classroom
  • Sidney Weldele-Wallace, Captioning Center
  • Mike Wood, HSE Information Literacy

As the 2014 projects begin, several of the 2013 projects have been completed while others have grown into ongoing projects, including Green River's One Book, TLC's Teaching Squares and Technology Teams, the now famous Green River bee colonies, new math curriculum, online and library resource info, and more.

Faculty Excellence Projects are funded through an endowment of the Green River College Foundation. The endowment has been built through private contributions and matching funds from the Washington State Board of Community and Technical Colleges.    

The Faculty Excellence Committee is composed of Susan Davis, Business; Harry Rosemond, English; Jennifer Lewis, Health Occupations; Ron Bayer, Fine Arts; Kate Katims, Humanities; Christie Gilliland, Dean of Transfer Education; and Marv Nelson, Foundation Board member. Josh Gerstman and Megan Evans facilitate the committee and Marcy Maurer provides support for fiscal administration.