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Student artist of the month: Mariah Millard

Zombie calendar
"Zombie Calendar"

Whenever anyone asks me to describe my work, I have a hard time describing it to them. Some people make art to show their feelings about themselves, other people, or how they look at the world. I just love to be creative. No matter what the prompt is, or even if there isn't one to begin with, I love getting what's in my mind out on paper any way I can. I love to make unrealistic situations in what could be a realistic setting.

My art outside of the classroom is mainly cartoon-based, I don't draw realistically, but I strive for good anatomy. I love to make fantasy characters or creatures in a very realistically set world. I mainly work digitally when it comes to personal art.

I want my art to make the people who look at it think not just about their feelings, but about how this picture or piece was working together. I also love when people can think up their own stories for my art and assign their own meaning behind it. Having someone come up with an entirely personal meaning in my art rather than the one that I assign gives me much more satisfaction than telling people exactly what I think it means.

Art can mean different things to different people - and that is what I love about art.

My favorite things in the world to draw are cartoon characters.

Breathe Easy
"Breathe Easy"

I am studying to become a successful concept artist and animator. I would love to create the characters and environments in cartoons and video games. I have always had a love for playing video games - mainly for character creation, but also for the exploration that can be done around the environments.

I get my inspiration for drawing characters from companies like Disney and Pixar, but also from Japanese anime. My style may not be specifically anime, but I do take some inspirations from eastern animation. My favorite cartoons and animes are Gravity Falls, Adventure Time, Inuyasha, and Regular show, to name a few.

The reason I love cartoons so much are because they have always been something I found safety in, even since I was a young girl. That is why I would love to be a part of creating one. With my love for both of these media, I decided I wanted to go into concept art and animation.

I have only been drawing since my freshman year of high school but I loved it so much that I have been practicing every day since then. Once I arrived at Green River College, I decided to get a fine art degree. Not only would it allow me to continue practicing my drawing skills, but it would also allow me to try many different media and styles.

Save for a Rainy Day
"Save for a Rainy Day"

Since entering Green River College I have taking all of the drawing classes available, as well as sculpture class, beginning design, graphic design, and pottery. I plan to take digital photography and color theory next quarter, which will be my last quarter here.

As far as transferring to another school, my plans were originally to attend Western Washington University and obtain my Bachelors in Fine Art with a minor in art education, since it would give me the most options after leaving school. However, after looking at multiple schools I am now uncertain of where I would like to transfer. I am still leaning towards Western Washington University but am uncertain on my final decision. Wherever I go, I will make sure that I make my dream to become a concept artist/animator a reality.