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Study Abroad Japan: A photographer’s perspective

This portrait is from a series of students at Kogakuin University, which hosted the program.

When photography instructor Patrick Navin traveled to Japan with his group of study abroad students, he was prepared to teach them photography in a new country. What he wasn't prepared for, however, was the surge of creativity that would overtake him.

"In terms of photography - I haven't felt so creative in a long time," explained Navin. "Sometimes I was waking up at 3 a.m. for a nighttime shoot, or I'd be photographing my food during lunch. I was just always making photographs."

Selected photos of Navin's are featured below; more shots from his time in Japan will be featured in the Helen S. Smith Gallery Sept. 22 through Oct. 30. 

Navin created a series of still life photos on his desktop in Japan.
This photo was taken shortly after a typhoon, causing the river by Navin's apartment to change from a stream to a torrent.

Every fall quarter, Green River students have the opportunity to study abroad in Japan at Kogakuin University. Through this 10-week program, students earn 15 Green River transfer credits in Digital Photography, Creative Writing and Japanese Culture. Find more information here.