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NOODLETOOLS: Funny name, powerful citation tool for students

Learn how to quickly and correctly site sources.

Holman Library is once again holding NOODLETOOLS citation workshops to help students figure out the why's and how's of properly citing their sources. 

The first two workshops will be during week six:

Monday, Feb. 10 from 12-12:30 in HL 213

Wednesday, Feb. 12 from 12- 12:30 in HL 213

The second two workshops will be during Week 10:

Monday, March 10 from 12-12:30 in HL213

Wednesday, March 12 from 12-12:30 in HL213

Librarians usually focus on one citation format, either MLA or APA, but students will learn how to format in either.

Students will learn how to:

  • Find NoodleTools on the Holman Library website. NoodleTools is a citation generating tool that requires students to understand and enter all the elements of the citation (author, etc.), but it formats it for them.
  • Create an account in NoodleTools.
  • Log in and create a citation folder.
  • Cite a web page.
  • Cite a journal article.
  • Cite a book.

If you have questions or feedback, or if you would like the librarian to keep a sign-in sheet of your students, please email librarian Mike Wood at mwood@greenriver.edu.