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April Fool's! Faulty campus ATM accidentally dispenses $10,000 to student

When Aviation student Sean Whalen entered his pin number and requested $20 from the campus ATM in the Lindbloom Student Center, he was shocked when the whirring machine began continuously spewing $100 bills.

"I was really confused when the money started coming out, but once I realized that they were hundred-dollar-bills, I realized that I was one lucky guy," said Whalen. "This is the best day ever."

According to ATM maintenance specialist Jim Smith, a rare glitch in the ATM software sent the machine into target disc mode, where it defaulted to emptying its cash stores. The machine dispensed exactly $10,000 in hundred-dollar-bills to Whalen.

Under normal circumstances, Whalen would have to return the excess money. However, the ATM company has decided to award it to Whalen as a scholarship.

"Usually, we'd ask to have the money returned," explained ATM maintenance specialist Jim Smith. "However, Sean is such a stellar student and all-around great guy that we really thought the right thing to do was help him pay for his education and get a great start to his life after graduation."

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Due to an ATM glitch, Whalen recieved $10,000.