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Winter transfer fair takes a fresh approach

At this years Transfer/Majors fair, students found answers to all their questions about programs of study as well as college.

Green River students didn't have to leave the Main Dining Area to meet representatives from colleges from across the nation. Green River welcomed more than 30 colleges at its quarterly Transfer Fair, held Feb. 5.

For the first time, this quarter's Transfer Fair also featured a Majors Fair, where students can one-stop-shop for programs and disciplines that interest them.

The idea of adding the Majors Fair to the quarterly Transfer Fair came directly from Green River students. Campus Corner Apartments Resident Assistant Chris Tam originally proposed the idea to Educational and Career Planner Josh Staffieri after identifying a need for program education in the students he helps at CCA.

"When I ask what students are interested in, they either don't know or had picked a field because it was expected of them - not because they actually wanted to study it," explained Tam. "The students did not know what other areas of study they could pursue."

Once Tam approached Staffieri with his idea, Staffieri moved immediately to make the Majors Fair a reality. "I approached the faculty and offered them the chance to set up booths and invite students to explore their disciplines," Staffieri explained. "Students learn about their different program and career options all in one place. Faculty and student feedback was positive and I look forward to hosting more Green River programs and disciplines next year."

According to Tam, the reason the Majors Fair and Transfers Fair were fully complimentary was due to the fact that the Transfer Fair allowed students to look at programs they might want to study, then match the program of study to a college with prestige in that area.

The quarterly Transfer Fair is a well-used resource for Green River students. "Many of our students look forward to this fair every quarter to help plan their transfer to a four-year university," explained Educational Planner Allison Warner, who coordinated the fair. "This is one of the only chances they get to connect directly with university representatives."

"I got a really good idea of the Washington colleges without even having to leave campus," said student Eriko Taguchi. "They answered every question I had."