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Don't post this

It's easier than you think to compromise your privacy, safety and security.

Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook. The list goes on. These websites are great for keeping in touch with friends and staying connected with the world. Ensure your safety and protect your identity by following these seven tips.

1. Your address and phone number. No brainer. Don't do it. Make sure you are only contacted when you want to be. 

2. Personal finance information. Be careful not to post where you do your banking or keep your money - in language or in pictures. Your name is already on Facebook, and if you post where you do your banking, you're making it that much easier for potential identity thieves, which are only more enabled if you post...

3. Your full birth date. If you still want your phone to blow up on your birthday, keep the date and month, but drop the year. Having your full birth date posted makes it that much easier for thieves to hijack your identity.

4. Your vacation. As excited as you may be, never announce when you are leaving for vacation. It's an invitation to get robbed. Even if your address isn't posted on your profile, it's easy enough for anyone with a motive to find out where you live.

5. Social plans. Unless it's a party to which everyone in your network is invited, share pictures after the event - not announcements before it starts. It's altogether too easy to make other friends feel excluded if they aren't invited, or have someone troublesome crash the event.

6. Anything about work. Unless it's positive, your negative work comments can have immediate and direct consequences at work.

7. An inappropriate selfie. Once it's out there, you can't control who sees it. And it will never disappear.