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New Green River Website Officially Launches

New GRCC website

The new Green River website officially launched Friday after nearly three years of planning, designing and developing. The revised site, which utilizes mobile-friendly technology, incorporates feedback from students, faculty and staff into its design, content and layout.

Understanding the site's visitors face a curve to learn the new layout, users are encouraged to click to their channel to find links, information and resources important to them. For example, employees go to the "Faculty & Staff" channel to find links to Webmail and the Intranet while currently enrolled students click on the "Current Students" channel to find Angel and registration information.

While the Web Team and content managers have been working diligently to write and move content from the old site to the new site, not all pages have been completed. To aid in this effort, the site was opened to faculty and staff members in the first week of June to collect feedback, hear reactions, fix broken links and correct inaccuracies. The site will continue to see updates and improvements over the coming weeks to areas such as the search feature and broken links.

The site's look and feel was developed by the college's Web Council, which consisted of faculty and staff members. The group, with input from the campus community, determined the site's headings, locations of pages and topics.

Students, faculty and staff can comment on the new site by going to Green River Website Survey. All comments are greatly appreciated and will be considered as the Web Team and content managers work on the site.