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The Current Sweeps Ceremony with 25 Awards

The Current Sweeps Ceremony with 25 Awards

Green River's student newspaper, The Current, swept away the competition by winning 25 awards at a recent awards ceremony for community college newspapers in Washington.

The Current won six first-places, including the Publication Sweeps for having the most winning entries at the annual awards luncheon of the Washington Community College Journalism Association. The newspaper also won second place in the general-excellence category. 

Here are the categories, awards and student-journalists who won: 

COMPREHENSIVE or EXTENDED COVERAGE: Second place, Lacey Steward, "Part-time Apartheid", and third place, Remco Zwetsloot and Lita Black, "How much will you be forking over..." 

FEATURE REPORTING: First place, Eric Bell, "A broken life fixed...", and third place, Al Eufrasio, "Curators celebrate 'bad art'" 

PERSONALITY PROFILE: First place, Asha Johnson, "Achieving success without sacrifice", and second place, Jean-Pierre Garcia, "The world as his classroom..." 

SPORTS NEWS: Second place, Dylan Whitcher, "Overtime Decides Fate", and honorable mention, Zach Ghiem, "Game, set, match" 

SPORTS FEATURE: Honorable mention, Remco Zwetsloot, "On to the Big Leagues" 

EDITORIAL: Third place, The Current, "Student government should do more to ensure representation" 

INDIVIDUAL COLUMN OR COMMENTARY: First place, Brant DeLarme, "Not lawful, and most certainly not right", and third place, David Caldwell, "If you want something done right, do it yourself" and honorable mention, Sean Rockey, "Memorial bracelets; is too little too much?" REVIEW First place, Gentry Seipert, "Live young and grow old" 

EDITORAL CARTOON OR ILLUSTRATION: First place, Kelli Wyatt, and honorable mention, Hayden Scott 

FEATURE PHOTO: Third place, Matthew Montoya, Green River, "Laramie Project" 

PORTRAIT PHOTO: Second place, Jean-Pierre Garcia, "Philip Lindholm" 

PHOTO ESSAY: Second place, staff, "Year in Photos" 

ILLUSTRATION: Honorable mention, Remco Zwetsloot, "Tuition rates" HEADLINES Third place, Alexander Bevier,"Videogame generation; Carjacking; Darkish Knight" 

PAGE DESIGN: Second place, Remco Zwetsloot Honorable mention, Asha Johnson and Remco Zwetsloot 

GENERAL EXCELLENCE: (print) Second place, The Current 

PUBLICATION SWEEPS: First place, The Current