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Campus Safety

Our Mission:

The Green River Campus Safety Department is committed to a comprehensive approach in providing a safe and inclusive community where students, faculty, staff and visitors may experience a sense of security and belonging. The Green River Campus Safety Department is comprised of professionally trained non-sworn safety officers that are contracted through Pierce County Security and are licensed by the State of Washington. The primary mission of the department is to protect and assist the campus community. This mission is attained through active participation by all members of the campus community, partnerships with emergency services, law enforcement and other community partners.

Director of Campus Safety and Transportation

(253) 288-3350 or dronnfeldt@greenriver.edu


Dispatch is located in the Administrative Building. The hours are from 7a.m. to 9p.m. Monday through Friday. You may also reach the on-duty security supervisor anytime 24 hours a day seven days a week at (253) 288-3350.

What we do

Campus Safety Officers investigate all criminal activity or any actions which impact an individual's ability to work or study at Green River. Criminal incidents or violations of the Student Code of Conduct will be forwarded to the appropriate law enforcement agency or the Green River College Judicial Office for further action. If there is an immediate threat to life or safety, Campus Safety Officers are licensed by the state of Washington to immediately intervene, including detaining an individual for the purposes for completing a criminal investigation.


Address: Campus Safety, Administration Building, 12401 SE 320th St, Auburn, WA 98092.


From any campus phone, dial 3350. All other phones (253) 288-3350 Safety Requests: safetydispatch@greenriver.edu

Services and Programs

Green River College Department of Campus Safety offers the following services upon request:Enhanced 911: Enhanced 9-1-1 allows a person to dial 9-1-1 and directly reach the jurisdictional emergency services for the campus. Thus, dial 9-1-1 to report any police, fire or medical emergency.

  • Whether you are on campus or off campus, dial 9-1-1 via a fixed phone or a cell phone to report all criminal, fire and medical emergencies.
Guidelines for Calling 9-1-1
  • Stay on the line with the dispatcher.
  • Provide the address of the building involved and your exact location. This is especially critical if you are calling from a cell phone.
  • Describe the incident thoroughly to help ensure that proper resources are dispatched.
  • Do not hang up until the dispatcher tells you to do so.
Request a Safety Escort or Gator Safe Walk:

The Gator Safe Walk is available to all students, faculty and staff members who would like to be escorted to and from places, including campus locations, bus stops near campus and Campus Corner Apartments. Dial (253) 288-3350 to request an escort.

Examples of when to request a Gator Safe Walk:
  • When studying late at the Holman Library, Student Union or any other campus building
  • When leaving your evening classes, meetings or work
  • When you don't feel comfortable walking alone for any reason
Tips to help you develop a personal safety plan:
  • Carry a cell phone and know where you can and can't get cell service
  • Limit alcohol use
  • Remain Alert
  • Vary your route
  • Walk with a friend
  • Stay in well-lit areas
  • Take advantage of After Hours Safety Rides
Campus Safety Rides: Campus Safety and Transportation will provide rides for all students to and from CCA, nearby apartments, home shares, Holman Library and local stores

  • The hours of operation are: Sunday through Thursdays from dusk to 1:00 a.m and Fridays and Saturdays from 6:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.
  • Make sure you have your student I.D. with you to show to the Safety Ride assistants
  • If you have any questions please call Campus Safety at (253) 288-3350
Vehicle Issues: Campus Safety provides limited support for those who may need assistance for the following vehicle issues:

  • Vehicle unlocks
  • Vehicle jumpstarts or tire inflations
Lost and Found: Campus Safety Office serves as the main Lost and Found for Green River and is located in the main Campus Safety Office in the Administrative Building.

  • Items are kept until the end of the current quarter. Unclaimed items are donated to charitable groups in our community.
  • If an item is found anywhere on campus the items needs to go immediately to the Lost and Found at the Campus Safety Office. Please label the item with the following:  date, time and location found.
  • If a student or person comes into your area inquiring about a lost or found item, please direct the student or person to the Campus Safety Office.

Support for victims that have obtained Restraining Orders, Orders of Protection, No Contact Orders and Anti-Harassment Orders: Campus Safety Officers can help support you based on your situation.

Alerts & Notifications

Emergency & Closure Alert Sign-Up

You have the opportunity to receive emergency and weather information on your mobile device or through email, or both. Sign up for free! 

Current Notifications - GatorAlert

 Campus Safety and Green River College update this section, linked to the left of this page, when there are immediate notifications of criminal activity, emergencies, or weather related issues.


Crime Reporting Procedures

We urge all members and visitors of the Green River College Community to file a report with Campus Safety when any criminal activity is suspected or there is a concern for the health and safety of others. To help maintain a safe and secure campus environment all crimes should be reported as soon as possible to Green River Campus Safety or to the appropriate local law enforcement agency. Prompt reports aids Campus Safety and law enforcement officers in the investigation and apprehension of perpetrators, and allows law enforcement to put resources where they are most needed. Faculty, staff and students should be aware of any potential crime activity in their area and to take steps to ensure their own personal safety.

To Report a Crime:
By Phone:
For emergencies, life-threatening situations, or crimes in progress, call 9-1-1 on or off campus. Non-emergency assistance and information is available on campus by calling Campus Safety at (253)288-3350.
In Person:
You may make a report at the AD Building during business hours, 7am-7pm, Monday-Friday.  Enter through the main doors and speak with the dispatcher (who will be in uniform) who is located just inside the main doors at the counter.  Tell them you are there to make a report.  After hours, call (253)288-3350 and tell the safety officer who answers that you would like to come to the AD Building to make a report so that an officer can be present to let you in, or, tell the officer your location (if on campus) and the officer can meet you and take the report there for your convenience. 

When in doubt report! Do your part to keep the Green River campus safe and secure.

Personal and Sexual Violence Reporting (on and off campus)

If you have been a victim of personal or sexual violence on or off campus, to include stalking or harassment, you may report this to Campus Safety. We will guarantee your privacy, however we cannot guarantee confidentiality as we will provide the required information to the appropriate channels. If the victim chooses to report the crime it is imperative that they file a report as soon as possible with Campus Safety or the appropriate law enforcement agency. Preserving any physical evidence is necessary for successful investigation, arrest and prosecution of the perpetrator(s), and may be helpful in obtaining an order of protection. If the person requires support services, Campus Safety can coordinate with various community resources as needed. After an assault the college can provide appropriate adjustments for academic, living, transportation or work situations; counseling services; employee assistance programs; and other appropriate support.

If the affected person does not want to file a crime report involving sexual violence (sexual assault, stalking, domestic, or dating violence) to Campus Safety or Police, they may report these issues to their Title IX Coordinators: Vice President of Student Affairs for student related incidents, or the Vice President of Human Resources for employee related incidents.

Other Reporting Options

You may also choose to talk to a third party about any issue, which includes the Counselors of the Behavior Intervention Team at (253) 833-9111 ext. 2460 or stop by the Student Success and Affairs Building in SA-231 to speak with a counselor. 

*( BIT is a multidisciplinary team that meets on a regular basis to review and respond to reports of student behavior that may pose a threat of self-harm or a threat to the community.)

You may also choose to speak to a Campus Security Authority. Campus Security Authorities are any member of the campus community whose function involves the responsibility for student and campus activities. CSAs may include but are not limited to:

  • Deans, Directors, Department Heads, Supervisors
  • Faculty and Academic Advisers
  • Running Start Advisers
  • Campus Corner Apartments staff
  • Human Resources staff
  • Atheltic staff inlcuding coaches and staff
  • Campus Life staff
  • Green River Safety Officers

Safety Plans

Campus Safety provides additional support for the following 24/7:

  • Restraining/Protection/Anti-Harassment Orders
  • Escorts
  • Additional Security Services Requests (Must be requested through the Director's Office Only)
  • After-Hours Safety Rides

Clery Compliance

Safety at Green River College campuses are a concern for all members of the community including students, faculty, staff, and visitors. The college mission can only be carried out in an environment where each person feels safe. Recognizing this Green River leadership has made safety a top priority.

In compliance with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of  Campus Security Policy and Crime Statistics Act of 1998, the college reports the mandated information about current campus policies concerning safety and security issues, and the required statistics.

*Clery geography and related policies updated to this page as of August 2016.

Daily Logs

Daily Incident and Crime Logs are kept separately for each of the four Green River College campus locations.  Since the Main Campus is the only one that has residential housing, it is the only log that also contains a fire log. 

** Please note that if no reports are linked, then there have not been any reports in the past 60 days.