About Us

Red Flag Information Reporting System

Information that should be reported is anything that is witnessed, observed, or participated in that "sends up a Red Flag." Examples include:

  • All suspicious behaviors or actions.
  • Knowledge of information or incidents that could cause harm.
  • Knowledge of information or acts that could threaten College internal intelligence, information, reputation, and/or property as well as violations of student code of conduct.
  • Any high risk behaviors such as under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Expressions by others of feelings of depression, reduction of self worth, and/or uselessness including suicidal symptoms.

Please keep in mind that this system does not replace emergency notification systems such as campus safety and 911. If this is a true emergency, please log off and call 911. If campus safety should be alerted, please log off and call (253) 288-3350. In addition, please keep in mind that reporting false information is a crime and appropriate legal action will be taken as necessary.