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Campus Information Technology (IT) and Telecommunications (Telecom) infrastructure must continuously evolve in order to provide effective and efficient service that is easy to maintain and update. All future services shall consider and incorporate needs within the long-term master planning goals of the college.


It is important that IT and Telecom infrastructure be part of the long-term planning of the college. As the college prepares for new building development and replaces outdated structures, clear and specific understanding of existing systems and planning for future needs is a critical planning component. Opportunities to acquire dedicated funding for IT and Telecom projects should be pursued, especially the development of alternate pathways to ensure uninterrupted service.

IT and Telecom systems are vital to the daily work of Green River, and the infrastructure must be in place to ensure that these systems remain in service during temporary shut downs, outages, and emergencies. Telecommunications and IT systems will be created such that a triangulation of services will ensure redundancy.

Also vital to the college is the development of a robust infrastructure management system with both on and offsite monitoring capability that uses one tool to receive alerts and manage systems.

Specific IT and Telecom infrastructure goals include the following:

  • Pathway redundancy will be created throughout campus so that service is uninterrupted during unforeseen events.
  • The current network of services will be surveyed and mapped. Future needs will be identified and documented.
  • Subsequent changes will take into account the likelihood of future campus development to the greatest extent practical.
  • Specific Infrastructure Project Request should be investigated.
  • All future capital development must include improvement to the overall IT distribution network serving the new building.