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As educational and Workforce training needs of Green River and its community are ever-changing, the college will respond to new and emerging needs. These needs will be integrated into the Master Plan as they arise.


The Green River service district is experiencing rapid population growth - about 11 percent since 2000. That, coupled with significant growth in both the college’s Running Start and International Student Programs, continues to exert pressure on facilities. Many needs do not in and of themselves qualify for the funding through specific capital project requests and will require alternate funding mechanisms or will be incorporated into other larger projects.

Unfunded Projects

Campus Front Entry

The demolition of the old Trades & Industry (TI) complex provides an opportunity to reconfigure the main campus entrance. This new straight-in continuation of SE 124th Ave. will significantly improve traffic flow. It will also allow the restoration of a stream that is currently in a culvert under the old TI complex.

Other Capital Needs

Other candidates for Replacement Funding include:

Maintenance Center

Date Constructed 1977
2015 FCS Score 466
Building Size (gsf) 6,000
Approximate Replacement Size 7,800

Administration Building

Date Constructed 1976
2015 FCS Score 428
Building Size (gsf) 9,765
Approximate Replacement Size 12,700

WETRC (Water Technology)

Date Constructed 1982
2015 FCS Score 438
Building Size (gsf) 4,480
Approximate Replacement Size 5,824

Rutkowski Learning Center

Date Constructed

1965 (renovation 1997)

2015 FCS Score 227
Building Size (gsf) 35,680
Approximate Replacement size 35,680

Current Needs

The following non-prioritized list represents recent and emerging needs and will be updated as new needs emerge and solutions found:

  • Student Services Replacement Building
  • Expanded fitness center
  • PE outdoor play fields
  • Career Center
  • Faculty House
  • Labs and classrooms to support emerging BAS degrees in Aviation, Information Technology and Nursing