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The primary goal is to provide a clearly designed and efficient sequence of events and spaces which will ease community access and use by first time visitors. Development shall consist of landscaping, signage, parking and building development that demonstrates that Green River is an open and easily accessible educational community. It shall also display the college's commitment to sustainability and appreciation of its natural environment.


With the removal of the Trades and SS/HS/BI complexes, the main arrival point of campus will be opened for new development. This affords Green River College a unique opportunity to create a new entry point onto campus. This new entry will strengthen the college’s public image, reduce traffic congestion on 124th Avenue SE and SE 320th Street, and improve the arrival experience for first time visitors and the community.


The location for the main campus entry shall be easily seen and accessed from the intersection of 124 Ave. SE and SE 320th Street.


Various elements can assist in the creation of a successful new campus entry and include: an entry sign, visitor parking, landscaping, a gateway to pedestrian circulation, access to public transportation, access to student services and to other community related functions. These elements should emphasize Green River’s commitment to the natural environment.

A new pathway and pedestrian bridge between student housing and the main campus should be developed concurrently with this project. Although this pathway will not need the level of navigational development of a “primary path,” it should be generously scaled and well lit.

Please refer to the Long Range Site Plan PDF.


In preparation for the development of the new Trades replacement facility on the existing Lea Hill park and the construction of a new Student Life facility on the HS Complex site, infrastructure upgrades have been completed for 124 Ave. SE and are planned for SE 320th Street during summer break 2013. Specific infrastructure requirements will be coordinated through The City of Auburn, DOT, and METRO. Along with street improvements (widening, bike lanes, curbs, gutters, sidewalks. pedestrian crossings, and landscaping upgrades will include:

Bus Stop Modifications

New front entry development is intended to include provisions for upgrading the existing, or constructing a new, METRO bus shelter. Bus shelter development will include: structure, lighting, signage, and appropriate bus layover staging.

Surface Water Management

Surface water control and collection will be included with any new development.