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As enrollment at Green River College continues to grow, and new buildings are built, parking will increasingly play an important role in student access. Preservation of the natural campus environment is principal in the planning for parking expansion and every effort will be made to protect this important college amenity. All new parking development shall consider off-site shuttle opportunities, adjacent land acquisition, and structured parking options prior to proposing additional surface parking lots in currently forested areas. All parking strategies will promote alternatives to personal vehicular transportation.

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Faculty, staff and students want an adequate supply of conveniently located parking. The parking areas should be easy to navigate, and pedestrian circulation from parking areas should be clear and safe. There is currently a shortage of parking at peak hours, and as additional square footage is added to campus and enrollment increases, additional parking will be required.


The character of the existing parking lots complements Green River’s image as a campus in the woods. Paved areas wind between wide islands landscaped with tall trees and native shrubs. It is important to faculty, staff & students to maintain this character as much as possible if any new lots are developed.

Growth Options

Existing TI Site

Once the Trades & Industries buildings are removed, a new entrance to campus will be constructed and will incorporate additional parking within the constraints of code and campus character.

Site Acquisition

Acquiring properties in close proximity to the college could provide additional solutions to the parking need.

Structured Parking

Structured parking will be considered as it provides convenient parking opportunities, limits site impact, and provides dense use of the parking area created.

Offsite Parking

The current offsite parking at the raceway have been very successful. Current offsite parking agreements are temporary, and securing permanent agreements is a critical step in the continued viability of this option.

Reduction Strategies

In order to reduce student and faculty reliance on personal automobile transportation, Green River has implemented a Transportation Management Plan. Opportunities to expand the current plan should be explored, including telecommuting, offering incentives for car and van pooling, use of alternative fuel vehicles, and mass transit.