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Interurban Center for the Arts


The Interburban Center for the Arts (ICA) has a long and valued history in our communities. With 30 years of experience in arts enrichment development, the ICA serves elementary schools in seven school districts within 14 cities and helps schools bring monthly arts appreciation classes to students.

Trained volunteers visit the classroom once a month from October through May (eight lessons) for approximately an hour. Each lesson covers one influential artist and their work, some basic art concepts, and ends with an age-appropriate, hands-on art project.

Through the ICA, participating schools can receive:

  • Educational materials. Each program receives eight large prints of famous works of art to use during the school year. Every large print comes with accompanying lesson notes and a corresponding project binder with classroom-tested art project ideas. The ICA maintains an extensive library of prints and lessons so students learn new material every year.
  • Training. The ICA provides free or low-cost workshops and trainings to all art docents to assure a continuous quality program.
  • Support. ICA staff offers management workshops and one-on-one guidance to the coordinator of the art docent program. The ICA is run by the Green River College Foundation and receives support through donations from people like you, along with grants from local and national organizations.


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If you enjoy seeing your child thrive through the art docent program, volunteer your time as a docent or assistant in the program - all you need is the desire to participate as a positive role model in your child's classroom.

Nurture your child's budding interest at home using the ICA's free downloadable workbook. Explore the art world together through recommended art education websites, free art projects and lessons, and a list of local art museums.

Looking to bring art classes into your child's classroom? Contact your school principal or parent organization. A simple email to ICA staff gets the ball rolling.

School Membership

Bring art into back into the classroom. Work with the ICA to coordinate a team of art docent volunteers.

It's easy. Annually, the ICA works with more than 30 schools to bring art classes to the classroom. Professional and flexible, ICA staff ensure you have what you need from on-site support to checklists, volunteer organization support and management tools.

It's local. Training and workshops are held at the ICA's central location at Green River College in Auburn.

It's affordable. Affiliate membership costs only $125.00 and pays for the docents' training and school support. Full membership costs $225.00 and includes docents' training, school support and the use of educational materials. Schools only need to provide volunteers and the art supplies.


Art Docents

Support the arts and change young lives by volunteering as an art docent or assistant. The commitment requires just three to four hours a month.

A background in art or teaching is not necessary to become a volunteer. The ICA provides quality educational materials to prepare volunteer docents.

This is an opportunity for you to enhance your own life, too. You will receive free or low-cost lessons, workshops and training through the ICA. All learning opportunities take place at Green River College's main campus in Auburn.

Current volunteers can download the art docent toolbox and access lessons, training calendars, and other resources.

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Support the ICA

Currently, the ICA helps more than 400 trained docent volunteers teach art throughout seven school districts and 14 cities. Each year, the program helps teach approximately 14,000 students who create 100,000 art projects.

With over 30 years of experience in arts education development, the ICA relies on the energy of its volunteers and support from businesses and individuals like you.

Making a financial gift to the ICA

  • Keeps needed dollars in our local schools and communities
  • Ensures funds go directly to a high quality success-oriented program
  • Helps prepare students with skills they will use for a lifetime
  • Provides you with a tax deductible donation

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Monica Tolas, Program Coordinator ICA@greenriver.edu at (253) 833-9111, ext. 2735