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Be prepared -17 class days until Green River’s Tobacco Use policy goes into effect

Campus members can access handy touch cards to pass out to smokers.

With only 17 class days until the policy is fully implemented, Green River wants to help equip both smokers and non-smokers with the information they need for the policy to be successful.

In preparation for the Jan.1 implementation of the GA-02 Tobacco Use policy, campus members can access handy touch cards to pass out to smokers that politely inform them of the new policy as well as how to access quit resources.  These cards are being made available this week in most central areas of the campus including the Paper Tree Bookstore, Gator Grill and Holman Library.

Green River is working in partnership with the Seattle-King County Health Department to offer quit smoking resources to students and employees.  For more information, contact Julie French, health services coordinator, or call 253-833-9111, extension 2430. You can also visit Let's Do This King County or Smokefree.gov for resources.

Smokers who choose to quit begin experiencing health benefits within 20 minutes after quitting when their heart rate drops, and within one year of quitting, their risk of heart disease becomes less than half of a smokers.

As 2013 begins Green River will be breathing easy. Equip yourself with the resources you need to help make sure the policy implementation is a success and we all enjoy a more healthy campus.