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Green River College Participatory Governance

Committed to the belief that effective governance at Green River College reflects the values of transparency, respect, accountability, trust, collaboration, collegiality, civility and honesty, Green River College Board of Trustees endorsed a participatory form of governance on May 14, 2014 with Policy GP-9.

Participatory governance is a method of organized and collegial interaction in which faculty, staff, students, and administrators participate in open, thoughtful dialog and decision-making that leads to recommendations made to the College President, who the board has delegated as the principal administrative officer.

The governance structure at Green River College shall be guided by the following general principles:

  • All decision-making at Green River College is based on a shared understanding of the mission, vision, core themes, core objectives, and values.
  • The ultimate measure of effective governance will be improved student success.
  • Decisions are made at the appropriate level, by the appropriate group with the needed expertise.
  • Internal employee councils and the student government will select their representatives to representative bodies, such as councils, committees, administrative task forces, etc.
  • Representatives of constituent groups involved in the participatory governance process have the responsibility of keeping their respective groups informed of the proceedings and recommendations of governance groups.
  • Members of the college community not serving as representatives have the opportunity to share concerns with their representatives of their constituent groups.

A report of the state of participatory governance will be presented each year to the Board. The President is authorized and directed to develop college policies and procedures to implement this policy.

Green River Participatory Governance Model

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