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Participatory Governance Training

Green River College's participatory governance system must include a broad understanding of the governance system by the college community and clearly defined authority, roles and responsibilities.
[Board of Trustee Policy GP-9]

In support of this directive, training opportunities will be created and ongoing. Please contact the Participatory Governance Coordinator to request specific training in support of Green River College's Participatory Governance.

Training for Council Chairs and Vice Chairs

Council Members - Free Webinar on Robert's Rules of Order

Free Webinar by Communication Specialist, Susan Leahy, M.A. (Content 3:30-27:40)
Robert's Rules Made Simple - Level 1 Webinar

Training for Council Secretaries

Robert's Rules Revealed: Ep. 5 - What to Include in the Minutes, Susan Leahy
Robert's Rules Revealed: Ep. 11 - Minutes Made Easy, Susan Leahy
NAP Presents: How to Keep Your "Minutes" from Taking Hours, Susan Leahy
Robert's Rules Revealed: Ep. 09 - How to Make Sure Your Meeting Minutes are Legal, Susan Leahy