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Welcome to Green River Community College

Letter from the President

Dr. Eileen Ely

Dear Campus Community,

At Green River Community College, we are extremely proud of our nearly fifty years of fulfilling our mission to provide quality education, and our vision to create opportunities for every student. Our students are eager to learn, and are excited about achieving their academic, personal and professional goals. Our faculty hold our students to high standards of achievement and guide them through their academic journey. Working with faculty, our staff provides excellent support services to help ensure that our students graduate with the skills necessary to succeed.

Green River provides many learning options for students. The college is recognized as a top choice for students preparing to transfer to a four-year institution. Career and Technical Education programs help lead students to immediate employment. College prep programs, such as Running Start, high school completion and GED® test preparation, provide students with a solid educational background as they enter the collegiate world. Continuing and Community Education classes provide students with lifelong learning experiences.

With more than 9,000 students, the College prides itself in welcoming a diverse student population. Our students come from around the Puget Sound region, across the United States and from around the world. Our rich diversity allows students the opportunity to experience a wealth of perspectives and ideas, thus preparing them for a global world.

The College has three unique campuses, strategically located to meet the needs of our service region. To encourage student involvement, many student clubs and activities are available. To help ensure student success, the College offers a wide array of support services—to include scholarships through the Green River Community College Foundation.

We encourage you to explore our website, visit our campuses, and learn more about how Green River Community College can help you reach your educational goals. We look forward to meeting you soon. Go Gators!


Dr. Eileen Ely