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Green River College

A message from the President

Dear Campus Community,

On the heels of tragedy in Marysville, Green River experienced the threat of violence. The employees charged with your safety on campus reacted quickly to provide immediate protection until the Auburn Police Department arrived and took control of the situation. In the end, the threat to our wonderful campus was just that-a threat.

The situation was intense and time was of the essence. Each of you wanted as much information as you could get and you turned to multiple sources to obtain that information. The lack of information led to feelings of isolation for some. While our focus was on safety first, we should have paid greater attention to your emotional needs by providing consistent and clear communication.

The members of the Emergency Operations Committee (EOC) held forums for students and staff on Thursday. Your feedback was solicited via email and is currently being reviewed. Students, faculty, and staff have reached out to provide guidance on areas for improvement. You spoke clearly and I am listening.

In the coming days, you will see changes to the way the EOC operates. The Auburn Police Department assessment of our operations was extremely positive.  However, there is always room for improvement, especially in the area of communication. In the near future, we will improve infrastructure as well as policy to help ensure that employees feel safe every day, on each of our campuses.

I look forward to being back on campus and among you, albeit part-time, beginning on Monday. 


Dr. Eileen Ely