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Strategic Plan

July 2013 to June 2020

Green River College strives to be highly responsive to its many stakeholders by offering quality educational programs and support services to meet the needs of our students and service region.  In order to adapt and respond to rapidly changing and complex environments, the College must continually review and assess its efforts, and develop plans that will guide the college not only today, but tomorrow and into the future.

The Green River College 2013-2020 Strategic Plan and Assessment will meet this purpose.  This document will guide the College's efforts, align strategic objectives with financial and human resources, and provide a system to continually evaluate and review our efforts. The Strategic Plan and Assessment serves to purposefully, systematically, and comprehensively link planning and assessment for the accreditation framework for the College under the policies of the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU).

From the beginning, a broad representation of community members, students, faculty and staff contributed valuable insights to the strategic planning and assessment process. The plan's strength is a direct result of the dedication, commitment, perspective and enthusiasm of nearly 50 team members who gave their time, energy and passion to the process. 

The Strategic Plan and Assessment is based on a solid understanding of the internal and external environments that influence the College and its future. The plan gives structure to the process that will define the institution over the next seven years and beyond. It identifies the motives, outlines the methods, and recognizes the means necessary to achieve the identified objectives. 

With the Strategic Plan in place, Green River College can continue to move forward in a positive direction, evolving today to meet tomorrow's needs.  This plan provides the roadmap to enhance and expand our programs and services, taking Green River from the outstanding college it is today, to the exceptional institution it will become in the future.


Dr. Eileen Ely