Carpentry Technology

Student in Carpentry class at GRCC

Earn certificates and degrees that employers want. Small class sizes, hands-on training and attentive instructors teach you the very best of what you need to know.

Flexible. Start any quarter. There are class options for full-time students and working professionals.

Practical. Day students develop skills in a fully-equipped shop and work off-campus on live customer homes and projects. Evening students have convenient access to the on-campus shop.

Doable. There are no written tests in the curriculum – show what you know through practical construction labs and off-campus projects.

Program options

Receive high-quality training with the building industry’s most current techniques, tools and materials to start or advance your career.

All carpentry classes are competency-based and certificate-based.

A certificate, valuable to employers, is the outcome of every completed class.

Day Program

The day program is designed to accommodate entry-level, full-time students, along with students who may have some carpentry experience.

Learn and master carpentry basics in the shop under the guidance and supervision of top-quality instructors. Then move on to complete projects on live work sites outside in the elements – gain valuable work experience and see what it’s like to work in the field. It only takes three quarters in the day program to earn the certificates needed to get hired full-time, then advance your career with a Carpentry Technology AA.

Evening program

Take your classes at your own pace, on your own time.

Designed for working professionals in the field, the evening program is a flexible hybrid model. All instruction, demonstrations and lectures are available for online viewing 24/7. Flexible lab times are available for you to complete hands-on projects.

The organization of the evening program allows you to work as quickly or as slowly as needed -- earn one, two or even three certificates in a single quarter.

On-site training

Through their coursework, day program carpentry students build actual projects on real job sites. Some examples include:

  • Complete customer homes
  • Form and place concrete
  • Work on volunteer projects (playgrounds and other atypical structures)

Carpentry students have built homes in the local community and even traveled to the Mississippi Coast to help the city through the Hurricane Katrina aftermath.

Projects like these give carpentry students the real-world experience employers look for.

Choosing carpentry

Consider a career in carpentry if you

  • Enjoy working with your hands
  • Have a creative streak
  • Are detail-oriented
  • Enjoy working outdoors
  • Like making good money
  • Want great opportunities and multiple career ladders to choose from

Contact us

Make a personal advising appointment with our attentive instructors and find out whether carpentry is the right career for you. Schedule a tour of the shop or sit in on a class.

Glen Martin
Program Director
(253) 833-9111 ext. 4208

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