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Computer Science at Green River

The Computer Science program teaches students to develop computer software, analyze data and solve problems. They learn a variety of computer languages, as well as how to represent, store, access, display, edit, and transform information by programming computers. Computer science is related to many fields of study and allows students to become knowledgeable in many areas. Students are prepared for professional careers or graduate study.

At Green River College you may begin your studies by taking courses that prepare you to be "major ready" and transfer to a university. While you are taking your major prerequisites within your transfer degree, you can focus your distribution choices and elective credits toward meeting your educational goals and area of interest.

Green River's Computer Science courses can be taken as an elective or as part of the specific requirements required for the Associate of Science Transfer Degree.

When can new students enroll?

You may enter Green River's Computer science classes at the beginning of any quarter as space is available.


Complete an application to Green River College, complete the COMPASS assessment, and meet with an advisor.

A background in mathematics will be helpful, but courses are available for the student who needs to review or develop the necessary skills in mathematics, reading, English, and study skills.

How long does the program take?

For those pursuing an Associate in Applied Science Transfer degree, it generally takes two years or six quarterst to complete all of the degree requirements. For those who need to improve their existing basic skills to meet the prerequisits it will take longer to complete.

What colleges can I transfer to?

Visit the College Transfer Center for detailed information and assistance on the tranfer process.

Course Descriptions

For course descriptions, please see the college catalog.

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