English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

The (ESOL) program serves immigrant and refugee students. The program offers English classes in five levels and other support classes. Courses are designed to assist you from intital English language skills to citizenship preparation.

Classes are offered to meet your schedule needs, morning, afternoon, and evening on the main campus as well as at our Kent and Auburn locations.

Please call (253) 833-9111 and then press extension 2315 to talk with staff. They will help you to sign up for the entrance test and get ready to enroll in the courses you need to be successful.

Contact Us:

  • Basic Skills Office (253) 833-9111, ext. 2315


You may qualify for this program if you do not have a tourist or foreign visa. If you have one of these visa's you should go to the International Programs Web site where you will find courses to meet your needs. You can also call the International programs Office at (253) 288-3300 for more information.

If you are an international student or visitor and are interested in the IESL program, please go to the International Programs Web site. Otherwise, you can call the International Programs office at (253) 288-3300 for more information.


ESOL students must pay a $25.00 per quarter fee to the college and another $5.00 materials fee per quarter. The maximum charge to any ESOL student is $30.00 per quarter.

Students from Afar Gallery

Take a moment to view this Gallery and read the stories of students who have taken English as a Second Language Classes at Green River College. Many were able to overcome great obstacles in order to fulfill their dream of being able to speak English well for many different reasons. Let these stories inspire you to success.