General Science Education

The study of General Science provides an overview of science and the interrelationships of scientific disciplines. Students gain an understanding of the human ramifications of science and technology, and learn to think realistically and creatively about intellectual, moral, and social issues related to science and technology. The use of elective hours permits the student to specialize in other areas. Students may transfer to a professional training program in a health field after several years of basic science background.

At Green River Community College you may begin your studies by taking courses that prepare you to be "major ready" and transfer to a university. While you are taking your major prerequisites within your transfer degree, you can focus your distribution choices and elective credits toward meeting your educational goals and area of interest.

All transferability of classes to four-year institutions is at the discretion of the receiving institution. Students should contact an advisor at the college to which they intend to transfer. Please visit the College Transfer Center for more information.